Impact of Broadcast Television

Broadcasting your message on television allows you to reach your audience
in an environment in which they are CHOOSING to view your content.

Meet & Greet

  • The long form nature of the 30 minute program allows time to inform, entertain and build credibility with your target audience. By getting to know you and your staff, viewers have the opportunity to feel connected, at ease and more likely to recall your business or service at a time of need.

Tell & Sell

  • With a full 30 minute program, spend more time fully detailing all of your products and services that may normally go unnoticed. Give your potential customers an opportunity to see the full scope of your business and the different types and categories of products you provide. Viewers will appreciate the guided tour of your company and gain a better understanding of which product may benefit them best.

Lead The Way

  • By utilizing unique promotions and emphasizing a “call-to-action”, viewers inherit a sense of urgency resulting in a form of action. Whether your goal is foot traffic, internet traffic, lead generation, or digital likes and shares, your program will be geared toward that outcome. As your program reaches audiences, expect an increase in your desired result as viewers learn about your business and feel motivated to visit and spend for your products.

     Over the last decade, we’ve worked hard to develop rapport with numerous broadcast partners in order to provide the best value for our clients. This allows us to optimize an airtime schedule for your program at favorable time periods that perform well. In addition, we offer affordable rates for airtime so you receive fantastic value for each airing.


of households in the Delaware Valley.